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Junior Jump Jam

Year 4 recently welcomed Mrs Anne Spiers from New Zealand to their classes. Mrs Spiers is a teacher in Tauranga on the North Island.

She talked to the Year 4 children and some of the Year 5 children about her life in New Zealand and showed the children pictures of the landscape. Mrs Spiers brought some fabulous gifts for the children to try, including some Kiwi Fruit Rock and some Feijoa Chocolate. They were also delighted to receive New Zealand Stickers and a Kiwi Bird which sang the Haka!

Mrs Spiers also held a Jump Jam session where the children joined in with some fun aerobic, dance moves. Mrs Spiers enjoyed her visit and has now returned to New Zealand. She maintains Email contact with Cokethorpe Junior School and is always pleased to answer the children's questions.

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