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The Science of Stand-up

In the first instalment of our Enlightenment Lectures for 2016-2017, the Sixth Form were treated to a talk by Oxford Archeo-Anthropology graduate, Harry Househam, on “The Science of Stand-up”.

Harry thoroughly enjoyed speaking to our students. He said: “It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to come to Cokethorpe; what a lovely school and what interested and engaged students.

“They were engaged in a talk about why we do stand-up comedy; why we do archaeology; why they’re important for questioning and criticising out beliefs, the information about the world around us, and why living unexpectedly, spontaneously, is not only valuable for enjoyment for also for life.”

Mia Biles, Upper Sixth (IMEJ), hopes to read Anthropology and Human Sciences at University and found the talk fascinating. She said: “Animated, witty and observant, Harry argued how the Prehistory of Homo Sapiens, being at least 25 times longer than written history, should really form at least a part of what it is to be human.

“Additionally, it was a rare gift to be able to talk to Harry afterwards about his experiences at Oxford and get tips on how to make the most of university life.

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