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Junior School Prize Giving

On the morning of Junior School Prize Giving, after parents had filed into the marquee, a long line of children snaked out of the Mansion and down onto the red carpet. Astonishing costumes gleamed in the sunshine, lovingly crafted by Cokethorpe costumière, Mrs Mace. White rabbits, green goblins and purple fairies sailed down the aisles and took their places at the side of the stage. 

This year’s Prize Giving performances took on the theme of ‘Dreams’, with a variety of fantasies that were carefully planned out by Mrs Du Feu to ensure that each child in Junior School had a speaking role. The plays were entwined in such a way that each year was on and off stage regularly, giving the performance a speedy pace which kept the audience on the edge of their seat. The drama opened with a charming scene from 3JD, depicting Alice in the meadow, chasing after the White Rabbit. This scene was one of a collection from Alice in Wonderland performed by children in Years 3 to 5, which saw Alice falling down the rabbithole and surviving a legal head to head with the impressive King of Hearts, with an backdrop of bird-jurors from Year 3. Alice ended with all eleven Alices singing a beautiful rendition of Where do I go from here now

Children in Pre-Prep performed The Goblin Next Door - an extravagant production about a greedy ‘Goblin Man’ who learns the importance of friendship in a magical fairy forest. It was amazing to see this detailed script played to perfection by the youngest pupils in the School. 

Year 6 children also put on an impressive performance; their first play was an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with some incredible costumes. The acting here was of very high quality across the board, with impressive drama in this comedic love story. Year 6 also staged Pyramus and Thisbe, which left the audience laughing uproariously at one particularly hammy death scene. The conclusion of the play marked the start of a picnic on the parkland for parents and pupils. 

The formal Prize Giving was in the afternoon, when academic, effort and pupil of the year awards were given out by Mrs Cook and the Headmaster. Mrs Cook also commemorated the occasion with a memorable and entertaining speech, which brought to a close another successful school year.








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