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Lizard on the Loose in Junior School

‘Junior School had a very exciting visitor on Tuesday 28 June. Her name is Toast and she is a Leopard Gecko Mack Snow, brought in by her owner Joe Ferrier (First Form, Vanbrugh) who has had her for six months now.

Joe did a fascinating presentation to both Year 3 and Year 5 children in the morning. Toast lives in a vivarium where she is well cared for. We have learned that these beautiful reptiles can live for up to 25 years and eat a lot of mealworms, locusts and wax worms during this time! The children listened intently to how to care for a gecko if they were to choose one as a pet in the future. The children were excited to see Toast crawl around Joe’s shoulders and back, and some were thrilled when they got to hold her for themselves.’

- Mrs J A Dow








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