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Lower Sixth Voters Reject Brexit

‘On the Thursday 23 June many of you would have been aware of the referendum on whether the UK should remain part of the European Union. However, due to the age of the Lower Sixth we were not able to vote in the referendum, so we had our own Lower Sixth Mock Referendum Seminars.

The morning was introduced by Mr Schofield who explained the importance and meaning of the EU referendum. Then we split into three groups who in turn heard from Mr Capel on immigration, Mr Hughes on the economy, and Dr Power on the history of the EU. The morning finished with a plenary question and answer session to the panel where we asked questions to help better understand the issues and arguments.

After a morning of voter education we then voted in our own mock referendum. The outcome for our referendum was 81% to remain and 19% to leave, a vast contrast to the national ballot. Nonetheless, the morning was an important education in making an informed decision as future voters.’

Alastair Grime (Lower Sixth, Swift)









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