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Evacuee Brings World War II to Life

On Wednesday 22 June, children in Year 4 had a visit from a World War II evacuee.

Mr Colbeck told them all about the real life experiences that many of these children will never have had an opportunity to hear about first-hand. After the visit, pupils drew pictures of the home front mascots ‘Dr Carrot’ and ‘Potato Pete’ (designed to enthuse the public about eating homegrown vegetables) and wrote letters of thanks to Mr Colbeck, two of which are shown below.


‘Dear Mr Colbeck,

Thank you for coming to visit us. I found it interesting when you told us about when you ripped off your tag, and your experience as an evacuee. I am very sorry that your mum’s face got cut and eye blinded. I found your speech so fascinating and it made my heart pound at times. I am also very sorry about your brother, and your separation from your sisters. But luckily it ended in a happy ending like nearly every story. I bet you must have been really happy when England won, VE-Day was a great day for Europe!

Best wishes

Seb Tattersall (Year 4, Symonds)’


‘Dear Mr Colbeck

Thank you for coming to visit us. I found it quite sad when your brother got shot down in his Spitfire and that your bird died; I was very sorry to hear that, too. I found it very interesting when you told us about you going to fetch the bread and eating the crust.

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely

From Skye McKinnon (Year 4, Baker)’









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