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Year 4 Travel to the 1930s

‘On Wednesday 8 June, Year 4 went to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. We dressed up in evacuee clothes with labels tied to our clothes and we pretended that we were to be evacuated. When we arrived, the museum looked very big from the outside.

At the museum, we split into four groups. We had audio guides and we went around the museum which was set out like streets. We met Maggie, a character in costume, who told us about her job in Thorneycroft Factory. She was involved in building wartime vehicles. She wore a turban with her curlers underneath. She taught us to sing a wartime song, Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run! She also taught us slogans like, ‘careless talk costs lives’ and ‘tittle tattle lost the battle’.

We also had the chance to visit a 1930s sweet shop, a gramophone shop and a bicycle shop. We listened to some wartime music being played. At the sweet shop we saw all the different jars and watched the sweets being weighed out. We had the chance to try a sherbet lemon, fizzy fish, winter mixture or rhubarb and custard! We also had one old penny each to try some old slot machines from seaside piers.

Finally, we got back into the coach, returning to school after an exciting and interesting 1930s experience. We would recommend the museum to our friends.’

- Monty Bolton (Year 4, Lockwood) and Tegan Buckingham (Year 4, Baker)








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