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Fourth Form Careers Awareness Week

‘The Fourth Form had a busy week from in early June, completing independent work experience for two days, then a variety of careers-related visits and activities for the remainder of the week.

The choice of business-related visits included a day at Jaguar Land Rover and Abbott Diabetes. Pupils also took part in a visit to the Old Bailey, with an informative talk from one of our old Cokethorpeans, Nigel Lambert QC (OC 1965, Swift). Thursday brought the pupils back into School for a series of workshops and career related talks.

Jordan Gillies (OC 2010, Feilden) returned to the School to give a presentation on his career path to date and explain to the pupils about his current position as Assistant Relationship Manager at Seven Investment Ltd London. Terry Johnson from Airbus UK gave an enlightening talk about opportunities within the design and engineering fields, offering an invaluable insight into this career direction. Our final speaker was Ben Nichols, a young entrepreneur at age 21, who engaged the pupils with his journey of challenges and successes since leaving school, stimulating much thought and discussion.’

- Mrs J Holmes (Careers and Higher Education Advisor)


‘On the Wednesday of Careers Awareness Week, Drama and Art students went to Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire. The setting is where all eight Harry Potter films were made and where you can find the real sets, props and costumes that appeared in the movies. You can wander down the cobbles of Diagon Alley as if you were a first year buying your first wand, inspect the table settings in the Great Hall and peer through the windows of number four Privet Drive. Hagrid’s motorcycle, Harry’s broomstick, and the hundreds of prosthetics used were all present, and they look as wonderful up close as they did on screen. The highlight of the tour was the huge scale model of Hogwarts, which drew gasps out of the mouths of even those who weren’t fans of Harry Potter!

The most interesting part of the trip was discovering the many many jobs that go on behind the actors and behind the camera. Lots of these jobs are evident in the studio. The most visually stunning and most unknown of these would have to be the endless amount of artists involved in the architectural and structural part of the making of the films. An entire room is filled with just a small selection of all the technical drawings which were done and another room is filled with paper models of the castle and many other buildings used in the films.

The behind-camera jobs didn’t stop there, with a further room, almost the size of The Shed filled with prosthetics used to create the magical and breathtakingly stunning creatures. Each and every one of these was handmade and fitted perfectly to the actors and actresses. To have created even one of these is a colossal achievement for anyone.

The trip opened everyone’s eyes to the incredible amount of effort and teamwork that goes into making a production like this, but also just how many different types of people were needed and played an imperative role in the production of harry potter even if we don’t know their names.’

- Izzy Ponsford (Fourth Form, Gascoigne)



‘As their careers week drew to a close, Fourth Form spent Friday reflecting on their leadership and communication skills. A specialist team from the army set up a number of 'command tasks' which groups had to complete, working together to solve a challenge. In addition, pupils spent time with the Drama Department, focusing on the importance of presentation skills and 'first impressions' as well as spending some time reflecting on the characteristics of successful people. Pupils seemed to enjoy themselves as well as learn a great deal about their strengths and weaknesses - the important thing now is to ensure that this week of learning is not forgotten when conventional lessons begin again.’

- Mr A E Uglow (Director of Teaching and Learning)










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