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Reception Class Visit A Farm

Children in Reception Class traveled to Farmer Gow’s Activity Farm on Tuesday 7 May. They wrote reports on the day; the original versions of these can be viewed in the gallery:

‘On Tuesday we went to Farmer Gow’s. We held a gosling and it was soft! After that we had lunch and then we played on the hay bales. It was fun! After we went in the tractor to see the pigs; they were very hungry. We had to throw the pigs food and we had to be careful of the electric fence. We had packed lunch and there were cheese and ham sandwiches and apple and crisps.’

- Darcy Atkinson (Reception Class, Baker)

‘When I went to Farmer Gow’s we fed the baby sheep and then we collected eggs. Next we fed the baby kids and they were hungry; they sucked the bottle very hard! We held a gosling on our lap, it was soft. We played on the hay bale and it was very high.’

- Amelia Hudson (Reception Class, Baker)

‘Yesterday we went to Farmer Gow’s. The first thing we did was played inside. Then we went to have a gosling on our lap. Then we fed the kids and lambs. We played on the hay bales and there were lots of tunnels.’

- Harrison Smythe (Reception Class, Lockwood)










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