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Creating a Table Top Electric Town

On Wednesday 18 May, Year 6 children took part in a Lego building workshop in their classrooms, to learn more about electricity and circuits.

The children were led by Mr Garside, a Lego expert, who brought over 80,000 pieces and has years of experience in teaching children the skills behind successful design. The purpose of the afternoon was to develop teamwork skills and to use electrical circuits within their Lego constructions. The pupils were initially given the task of crafting a building with windows and doors which was lit from the inside by a combination of bulbs and batteries. All of the groups successfully built a variety of different buildings and were then asked to develop these into a complete exhibition of Lego structures and items, from railways to swimming pools, fields and bridges.

A key feature was the use of circuits throughout to bring the designs to life and it was fantastic to see trains powered by motors as well as lighthouses and a whole combination of miniature houses shining brightly. Mr Garside was incredibly impressed by the way in which the Year 6 pupils worked; 'The best illuminated village yet! All the children showed enthusiasm and creativity. Patience is a virtue and they had it in spades!'. The children absolutely loved the opportunity to participate in the afternoon and it gave the staff a true sense of just how well they could work, not only independently but also as part of a team.








Pupils' Responses to the Lego Workshop:

'I really enjoyed creating the Lego village, even if it collapsed more times than I can remember!' – Maddie Abbs-Woodd

'Thank you so much for coming. I had an amazing time!' – Scarlet Munn

'I really enjoyed the Lego workshop, thank you.' – Tabitha Howard

'I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found building the Lego so much fun. I loved it - I really enjoyed making a Lego city.' – Ella Mae Leach

'I thought the Lego workshop was great fun, especially how all the lights lit up in the houses.' – Charlie Holloway

'It was incredible, I loved it. It was Lego heaven!' – Harry Furlong

'I liked modelling high buildings but it was a bit annoying when it collapsed!' – Jamie Wehrle

'So much fun!' – James Furlong-Price

'Thanks, it was amazing. It was great for people that like Lego, LEGO Heaven!' – Elliot Beale

'Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it.' – Robert Hoult

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