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Brick and Stick Houses Fit For A Pig!

‘On Monday 16 May, we were pleased to welcome Mr Harris to Reception Class. Mr Harris is a Cokethorpe parent who also happens to be an expert bricklayer.

He brought some bricks, cement and sand to the area outside our class. We wanted to build a brick house, like the third clever little pig did in the traditional story.

After the children had put on protective clothing, goggles and latex gloves, they went outside and Mr Harris taught them how to make mortar. Everyone had a turn at putting sand in the bucket; the mixture of sand to cement was 4 to 1. Darcy though that it looked ‘like dust’, before water was added and Amelia said it turned into a ‘squishy mud’. It became a sort of chocolatey colour and Alexander thought the wolf would want to eat the house, rather than blow it down!

The children counted to 100 while Mr Harris stirred the mix, which made a funny slurpy sound in the bucket! They then worked as a team, laying the bricks on top of a plastic sheet in a pattern that would make the walls very strong. This little house even has a door and a window and when the cement dries we will try and blow it down, but we don't think there is much chance of that!’

- Ms R J Turner 

The following day, the Reception children headed back outside into the sunshine, to build houses made of sticks. On the way to the woodland, they passed the brick house and tried to blow it down, without success. Three little homes for pigs were then put together in the Forest School area, with the traditional wolf substituted for a stuffed lion. Fortunately, the lion was feeling under the weather, and, despite historical precedence, the stick houses resisted all his attempts to blow them down!









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