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Year 5 Flying High at Falcons Display

Miss Fagan and Mr Gaertner’s Year 5 classes were lucky enough to go to watch the RAF Falcon Parachute Display Team perform at their Brize Norton base on Friday 29 April. 

Although it was a very windy day, the Falcon team showed their skills by setting down accurately after flying in perfect formation, to land in front of all the pupils present. They then showed a video of their training dives in the United States as well as the UK, where they did skydiving and formation manouevering which resembled the Red Arrows! One of the team then showed us how to fold up a parachute ready for another jump, before many of the team signed the children’s Falcon magazines. The team asked pupils to create publicity posters to advertise the Falcons, and the winners of this competition were Emily Hardy (Year 5, Baker), Freddie Fellows (Year 5, Baker), Charlie Kerton (Year 5, Lockwood) and Ellis Leach (Year 5, Symonds).

- Miss K Fagan










Pupil comments:

Emily Hardy 'it was awesome!'

Freddie Fellows : '5 stars, ten out of ten!'

Max Quartley: 'Spectacularly shamazing show!'

Olivia Freeston: 'Phenomenal flying Falcons!'

Ruby Sharp: 'Fantastic Falcons!'

Lewis Camidge: 'Better than the Red Arrows!'


What was the best bit?

Sebastian Wall: 'Watching them jump out of the plane – it was breathtaking!'

Charlie Kerton: 'When my name was announced as a winner of the poster competition'

Dee Biles: 'The way they painted smoke trails across the big blue canvas above us'

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