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Scholars Celebrate Academic Success

'On Tuesday 3 May the Academic Scholars met for their annual Scholars’ Conference and Dinner.

The Conference saw Scholars in multi-year group teams, led by Scholars in the Upper Sixth, deliver presentations on topics including: 'the importance of taking risks in learning', 'whether Arts subjects are undervalued', 'the importance of failure', and 'whether examinations are the best way to measure learning'.

Following the conference, Scholars met with their parents and teacher guests to enjoy an evening of dining and entertainment. Oxford’s Out of the Blue, the University’s premiere male A Capella singing group, performed a very entertaining set. Then our guest speaker, Dr Elizabeth Frazer of Oxford University’s Politics Department, delivered a well-received speech on the importance of free speech and free thinking. Most important of all was the opportunity to speak with teachers outside of the classroom context and discuss ideas that are not usually shared. It was a lovely evening to celebrate the contributions that our Academic Scholars make to the intellectual life of the School.'

- Mr R D Hughes (Master of Scholars)










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