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Mars, Drugs and Pain in Sixth Form Presentations

'On Friday 22 April those students who have been involved with the Extended Project presented their finding and research to their peers, their advisors, and to members of the school community.

Six students presented on a wide range of topics, including: chronic pain; how best to control class A drugs; perceptions of women in gothic literature; the development of NASA’s mission to Mars; the issue of concussion in contact sports, and democracy in ancient Athens. These presentations were the culmination of seven months of independent research and analysis on a question of the students' own choosing. Our pupils spoke well, especially during the question and answer sessions, where they often revealed a deep understanding of their chosen topic. Well done to all those who were involved.'

- Mr R D Hughes (Master of Scholars)


Students and presentation titles:


Lydia Johnson- Has Recent Understanding of What Causes Pain Led to Better Pain Management for Chronic Pain Sufferers?

Harry Creak- What Makes Crystal Methamphetamine Such a Popular Recreational Drug, and How Can Its Use and Spread of Addiction Be Prevented?

Clare Berry- The Presentation of Women in Gothic Fiction

Ben Foster- Our Journey from Earth to Mars

Thomas Smith- Concussion vs Sport

Alex Billing- Was Athenian Democracy, During the Fifth Century, as Democratic as Originally Intended?










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