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Acting Out in Sixth Form

At the very end of Lent Term, Drama students from Cokethorpe had their first paid acting job as extras in a promotional film for Oxford Royale Academy. One of the students wrote a report on this exciting day:

'What a fantastic experience for all of the Sixth Form Drama students. We set off to Yarnton Manor at 9.00am on Wednesday 23 March, not quite knowing what to expect. After arriving at the Manor we were quickly on set and began our day as extras in a promotional video for Oxford Royale Academy. It was quite daunting at first as the camera was positioned less than a foot away from our faces and to begin with, we weren’t sure how to react. However, we took on our roles as students who had been on a twelve month course together and rapidly became rowdy students along with the other real students. After the initial graduation filming ceremony, we were then filmed having a series of ‘lessons’. These were not real lessons; however we used our experiences as A Level students to look interested and engaged! We also had a series of one on one tutoring sessions and some of us got a horse-drawn cart experience.

Then we traveled on to the Jam Factory in Oxford. Here we had a lecture from another actor performing as a lecturer. This was a great experience for us and we found out about voice acting as this is what this particular actor did. During this lecture we were also being filmed eating our dinner, which was an odd experience to say the least. Overall we had a thoroughly enjoyable day and it was a great experience being on camera and finding out all about how the world of filming works.'

James Bennett (Upper Sixth, Swift)









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