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Cokethorpe Acting Talent at LAMDA Showcase

‘The first LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) lunchtime showcase was held this week over two days. It was an opportunity for pupils to perform the work they have been preparing for LAMDA grades, which previously have only been seen by the examiner and myself.' [continued below]



'The performances ranged from grade 2 to grade 7; Olli Fletcher (Second Form, Gascoigne) and Idris El-Megrisi (Second Form, Queen Anne) introduced the Wednesday performances, opening with a lively performance of 'The Sentry and the King'. This was followed by Jarvis Drew (Second Form, Gascoigne) and Benji Pegram (Second Form, Queen Anne) in a heart-rending 'Oliver Twist' where Oliver finally snaps at Noah's bullying. Tara Devine (Third Form, Queen Anne) and Frankie Brown (Third Form, Vanbrugh) comically played an entertaining couple of women from 'Black Books'. Louise Smith (Second Form, Harcourt) and Mimi Rumsby (Second Form, Vanbrugh) were convincing as Moody Margaret and Sour Susan from 'Horrid Henry and the Secret Club' followed by an outrageous rendition of the ugly sisters by Elliot Stagg (Third Form, Harcourt) and Ben Wardell-Yerburgh (Third Form, Queen Anne) in 'The Glass Slipper'.

Joe Sydenham (Second Form, Swift) and Dominic Stimpfig (Second Form, Swift) performed well in an energetic footballing episode from 'Penalty', and finally, Izzy Ponsford (Fourth Form, Gascoigne) gave an emotional performance as Blanche DuBois from 'A Streetcar named Desire'.

Thursday's performances were introduced by Arthur Blake (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) and Arden Devine (Lower Sixth, Queen Anne) and the opening performance was a devised piece by Ella Freeston (Second Form, Feilden) and Grace Ettinger (Second Form, Harcourt) called 'The Painting' about the chilling possibility were a painting could come to life. Theresa Goette (First Form, Queen Anne) and Jossy Brown (First Form, Vanburgh) entertained us with their comedy version of 'The Glass Slipper' followed by an entertaining version of 'The Sentry and the King' by Cameron MacDonald (Second Form, Queen Anne) and Harvey Bell (Second Form, Vanbrugh).

Jack Harding (Second Form, Feilden) gave an atmospheric rendition as the slave from 'Beowulf' A devised group piece called 'Granny's War' by Mae Topley (Second Form, Harcourt), Mimi Rumsby, Grace Ettinger and Olivia Stacey (Second Form, Swift) was well performed. The final piece was a highly entertaining version of Python's 'Cheese Shop' ably performed by Arthur Blake and Arden Devine.

There were good performances by all involved.’

- Mrs C Cooper (LAMDA Teacher)

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