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Digestion Gets Messy in Year 4

On Friday 4 March, Year 4 spent their Science lesson learning about the process of digestion with a sticky practical experiment. Mr Lewis guided them through the digestive process, using different resources and equipment to represent parts of the human body, like teeth, the stomach, intestines and so on!

The children started off with a banana and some biscuits in a sandwich bag and a glug of orange juice, which simulated saliva. The bag was sealed and the food was crushed up using a pestle, in the same way that teeth grind up our food. The bag was then emptied into the leg of some tights, to simulate it passing through the stomach into the intestines; the children then squeezed the food down the leg towards the bottom. Any moisture was strained out as it moved down, in the same way a large intestine would absorb water. This process of squashing the food down the body to its end goal is known as peristalsis.

As the food neared the bottom, Mr Lewis went round, chopping open a small hole in the toes of the tights. The children then squeezed out the digested food, which completed the digestive process. This was met with much enthusiasm and grimacing as the messy gloop oozed onto the trays.









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