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Ebola: A Minor Disease?

'Professor Trudie Lang delivered a very thought-provoking presentation in the latest Sixth Form Enlightenment Lecture.

Through her job as a scientist at the University of Oxford, Professor Lang has worked alongside others who have taken part in lengthy yet vital research about the deadly Ebola virus. Whilst she recognised the undoubtable impact of such an awful disease, Prof Lang raised an interesting side to the argument. By talking us through various statistics and discussing the impact of many other deadly diseases that can ruin countries, we were introduced to the idea that maybe Ebola has had almost ‘too much’ attention. This was an interesting argument that impacts on a wide range of subjects - a perfect lecture for engaging the Sixth Form in a very relevant and current issue.'

- Heidi Lawson (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne)

'Thank you for inviting me to speak, your sixth form are an impressive bunch and asked really insightful questions. I used this lecture as a practice run for talking to Parliament next week, I bet their questions won't be nearly as good.'

- Prof Trudie Lang

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