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Exploring the English Language with Kari Herbert

On Thursday 25 February, Fourth and Fifth Form pupils were treated to an exceptional lecture given by the charismatic travel writer, Kari Herbert. The basis of this presentation was her passage from the biographical 'The Explorer's Daughter' which appears on the English syllabus, however her motivation was far more than an insight into an examination piece.

From her remarkable upbringing immersed in Inuit culture as a toddler through to her treks through deserts of all descriptions, she has led a thrilling and wonderful life and should be an inspiration to many about what it is possible to endure, love and write about. Her father was Sir Wally Herbert, the first man to walk across the Arctic ice cap from coast to coast. The only tragedy of this feat of human endurance was that it happened at the same time as man's first steps on the moon and so it did not get as much press as it deserved. Kari's life has been no less exhilarating and her ability to inspire adventure, curiosity and creativity was lovely to witness.

Of particular interest were her thoughts on the relationship between mankind and nature, clearly influenced by her early life, with the battle between the necessity of the hunt and a more Westernised view of hunting. This dichotomy was excellent food for thought and drew attention to her spiritual view of the world and the ease with which the craft of her writing captures every facet of her experiences.

The challenge for us all is to seek out experiences and reflect upon them with intensity and openness. It does not matter if they are everyday or exceptional.

- Mr S White (Teacher of English)

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