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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

On Monday 22 February we set off for Henley. We spent the day at the River & Rowing Museum, investigating forces through several workshops and by exploring the museum galleries.

Grace Gunn (Year 5, Gwyn)

The first workshop was all about understanding and exploring forces. We did a carousel of activities. One activity was investigating whether objects float or sink. Weirdly enough plasticine can float and sink depending on its shape! Another activity involved investigating and recording the speed of different shaped boats. We looked at different parts of boats, such as the stern and the oarlocks. We investigated how many coins a tin foil boat would hold before it sank, and who’s design would hold the most. Grace managed to get twenty one 2p coins in her tin foil boat before it sank!

Malachy Brown (Year 5, Lockwood), Charlie Kerton (Year 5, Lockwood) and Aoife Kirkham (Year 5, Lockwood) 

After the workshop we had an hour to explore the museum galleries. We explored the different boats and saw how boats have changed over time. This was followed by lunch.

Jasmine Hammond (Year 5, Gwyn) and Alice Smith (Year 5, Baker)

My favourite part of the trip was the workshop after lunch, which was making a wind powered boat. We worked in pairs to design and build our junk-model boats.

Rohana Saunders (Year 5, Lockwood)

In the boat-building workshop, Lewie and I built a boat with two engines. We made the engines from balloons and straws. Duck-tape was used to secure the bendy end of the straw inside the neck of the balloon. If the seals were not tight enough it wouldn’t work! Once the boats were constructed we tested them in a paddling pool outside, this involved blowing up the balloons and trapping the air in until the boat was on the water ready to go. When we let ours go it managed to travel two metres! We came joint first with Aoife and Emily H. It was a very fun day and I would love to go back again.

Ellis Leach (Year 5, Symonds)

Last, but definitely not least, we left the museum grounds to go for a walk along the River Thames, it was lovely! There was a tourist paddle boat on the river, with bright maroon paddles turning at the rear. I really enjoyed our walk along the river in the sunshine, especially stopping and sitting down to eat biscuits whilst the ducks came towards us hoping for some crumbs! The whole day was really good fun and we learnt a lot about forces.

Dee Biles (Year 5, Baker) and Emily Martland (Year 5, Baker)








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