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I'm Walking On Sunshine

The Eye Gaze Walk took place on a glorious, sunny afternoon around the Cokethorpe grounds. Our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Stevens set the eager walkers on their way. 

The Cross Country Club saw this as an excellent training opportunity and managed to complete many laps of the course. All of the children, from the Reception Class up to Year 6 children joined in with the challenge. It was great fun and everyone joined in with the spirit of the occasion; this year wearing their sunglasses as well as colourful hats!

The route followed a circuit of three kilometres with each child collecting a sticker at the half-kilometre checkpoints. 1,626 stickers were awarded overall and a total of 812 kilometres was covered. Thank you to all walkers, their sponsors and to the people who helped with the checkpoints.

This year the money raised will be presented to Special Effect, a charity dedicated to helping all young people with disabilities to enjoy computer technology. For these children, the majority of computers are simply too quick or too difficult to use, and Special Effect can help adapt technology to make it more accessible. This enables the charity to help kick-start rehabilitation, inclusion and confidence. The technology which is operated by the user controlling choices on the screen by blinking the eye is called Eye Gaze.









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