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Sonic Boom in the Senior Library

On Thursday 4 February 2016, Mr White gave a Spark Lecture to an audience of Cokethorpe School pupils and staff in the Senior Library. The topic of this talk was 'Sonic Warfare', and he touched on many aspects of the use of sound in conflict and torture. While the subject matter was at times unpleasant, it was interesting for pupils to get a flavour of the types of sounds which have been used to inflict pain and misery across the world.

Mr White had set up a large speaker at the front of the library (which was thoroughly tested before the audience filed in, to eliminate the possibility of hearing damage) and played sounds which have been used by the U.S. and Israeli forces to intimidate and overwhelm enemy forces and political figures. The most dramatic chapter of the lecture concerned the use of sonic booms by Israel to cause distress to citizens of the Gaza strip at night. Mr White had discovered a way to recreate this effect, caused by a jet plane breaking the sound barrier, on a marginally quieter scale, in the Senior Library.

This talk was recorded and can be watched in part, or in its totality below; please note that the loudest audio recordings were muted in order to avoid hearing damage among viewers.

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