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Karting Champ Enters F4 Championship

Congratulations to Manuel (Fifth Form, Harcourt), who has successfully moved up from the competitive world of karting into the elite racing community of Formula 4. With a minimum age limit of fifteen, F4 drivers regularly get up to 150mph on tracks across the world, and only 30 drivers graduate to F4 each year in the UK. Manuel describes the move as a ‘big achievement’, which he has been working towards since taking up karting at the age of eight.

F4 involves the use of a standardised racing car, with a 150hp engine and six speed gearbox. Due to the extraordinary speed of these cars, a fireproof suit, carbon fibre helmet and special whiplash protection gear are mandatory. Drivers compete on tracks three times each month, and the staff at Cokethorpe work closely with Manuel and his family to ensure his educational studies are supported alongside his on-track endeavours. Up to now, Manuel has largely been driving in Italy, but the upcoming UAE F4 Championship, which starts in April, will feature circuits in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and India.

Despite his elite driving skills, at fifteen years old, Manuel requires his own driver when he is attending championships! He will need to spend at least two years in F4 before he can progress to the next rung on the racing ladder, and we congratulate him for his dedication in getting this far.









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