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Understanding Adolescence

The recent ‘Understanding Adolescence’ talk at Cokethorpe was focused on providing helpful advice to parents, regarding their children’s development. Senior School teacher Mrs S A Orton attended the evening and has written this report:


‘On the wintry evening of Thursday 21 January, Cokethorpe parents met in School to listen to a presentation from Millie and Olivia from the MO Consultancy, to support understanding of adolescence. Cokethorpe School is already working closely with MO Training and Consultancy as part of its aim to provide high quality and consistent social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. This includes teaching in W.I.T lessons about healthy relationships, body science, physical development, alcohol and other drugs as key elements in safely and responsibly preparing our pupils for adulthood.


The evening was well attended and was the perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to consider the key changes taking place in the adolescent brain that impact on behaviour, mood and risk-taking. Lively discussion explored the difference between what is ‘normal’ and what is a ‘problem’ in adolescent behaviour, highlighting the pressures that children and young people are facing in the real and virtual world. The advice and guidance shared will help to provide a positive framework for improving communications with, and supporting the young people in our care, as they negotiate the many pressures of today’s technology and navigate through the tricky period of adolescence.’


The following Monday, pupils from Third Form were given a related talk in The Shed from MO Consultancy, regarding social media (pictured).


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