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Shiver Me Timbers

'All the Year 6 children went to see Treasure Island by Creation Theatre Company on Thursday 7 January.

We travelled by coach to the North Wall Theatre in Oxford. Last summer we performed Treasure Island for our Prize Giving Ceremony and I played the part of Jim the cabin boy who was the hero of the story. The North Wall Theatre is a brilliant venue, we were lucky enough to have had front row seats that were so close it felt like you were part of the show!

The actors were hilarious and got lots of laughs. Pirates were swinging from all directions and cannonballs were flying all over the place! There was lots of funny interaction with the audience as well.

This wasn’t just acting; there were energised dances and catchy songs. This performance has definitely been the highlight of the term so far.'

Maddie Abbs-Woodd (Year 6, Lockwood)

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