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CPA Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 9 December, the Mansion played host to the annual CPA Christmas Fair, with stalls selling everything from ornamental candles to jewelry and cupcakes. The crêpe van was parked out the Mansion, serving warm food to the many parents, staff, pupils and relatives who attended. The Chair of the CPA, Sara Knox has written a poem, to give readers an impression of this multifaceted event...

'Twelve feet of beautiful Christmas tree
Eleven treats and games for children
Ten homemade festive cupcakes
Nine busy Christmas shopping mums
Eight empty bottles of mulled wine
Seven Junior School Christmas stories
Six hand painted paper bags
Five scrummy mince pies
Four steaming hot chocolates
Three delicious crepes per minute
Two welcoming wooden reindeer
And an atmospheric carol singing choir

A big thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed this happy event and to all those who helped, you know who you are.'

- Sara Knox, Chair of CPA









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