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Senior School Christmas Production

Audiences were treated to the festive comedy Laughter in the Dark in The Shed on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December, featuring a whole array of colourful characters and a dysfunctional family.

Set in the haunted house of Creeching Cheney, the Budgett family come to hear the reading of their late uncle’s will. They were greeted by the unwholesome Gripe (Laurence Scott, Lower Sixth, Swift) and the repellent maid Edna (Lizzie Allen, Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh), who warned them of strange goings-on in the house that the Budgetts had inherited. A host of unexpected guests arrive on Christmas Eve, including members of the local circus, a deranged knife-thrower (Charlie Summerley, Fourth Form, Vanbrugh), his terrified assistants (India Hurford-Jones, Fifth Form, Swift and Georgie Vallance, Fourth Form, Vanbrugh), film producers Alec and Frank Ogleby (Arthur Blake, Lower Sixth, Gascoigne and Jack Harding, Second Form, Feilden), along with their secretary (Mia Biles, Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) who falls in love with the dim-witted and hilarious Cyril (Ardan Devine, Lower Sixth, Queen Anne). The mysterious conditions of the will unveil a multitude of family issues which must be resolved before the money is released. Hen-pecked Herbert (Fredi Traish, Fourth Form, Swift) discovers he has a backbone and takes control of his hideous wife (Ellie McBride, Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) while daughter Belinda (Sophie Wheeler, Fourth Form, Swift) finds herself a husband and film career on the same day.

Please see the Michaelmas Ocellus (published in January 2016) for a full cast and crew list.









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