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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Pre-Prep performed their Nativity A Miracle in Town and for many parents it represented the start of Christmas celebrations. This performance certainly didn’t disappoint with Mrs Mace’s costumes creating a colourful spectacle against Mrs Hammond’s artwork in the Corinthian Room.

Parents were treated to a charming performance in which every child had lines to say and lively songs to sing and some of the children sang group verses and solos. The beautiful Just a perfect moment performed by Abigail Shaw (Year 2, Baker) with Chomba Lukama (Year 2, Symonds) being a particular highlight. The Reception Class suited their role perfectly as the endearing stable animals lead by Bobbie Hunt (Reception, Symonds) as the ‘Clip Clopping’ donkey carrying Mary (Hannah Smith, Year2. Gwyn) all the way to Bethlehem.

The narrators spoke clearly throughout as they retold the traditional story and the cast of characters including Shepherds and Kings came to visit Mary and Joseph (Giovanni Virk, Year 2, Gwyn) in the stable. Along the way, Benji Longman (Year 1, Lockwood) made a most foreboding King Herod with his ferocious tones.  Also stealing the show were three dancing Camels played by Carter Burridge (Year 1, Gwyn), Merryn Tattersall (Year 1, Baker) and Maggie West (Year 1, Gwyn) who had everyone’s feet tapping.

All the Pre-Prep joined together on the stage for the final song, the rousing, Miracle in Town which concluded this magical show.







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