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A New Face for Cokethorpe Art

The plinth facing the front of the Library is a showcase for art from students and local artists. This term we are pleased to announce that the plinth will be occupied by an artwork from Beatrice Hoffman. Our Head of Art, Ms E F Williams has written a report about the installation of this artwork:

We are very fortunate to have kindly been lent the Racer Man sculpture by the artist Beatrice Hoffman; the large bronze resin sculpture resides on the plinth outside the dining room for this term. Beatrice is a sculptor and tutor who lives near to the school, and will in the near future be coming to school to run a sculpture workshop with our Fourth Form artists. This large head is based on very early Greek Cycladic sculptures; realistic facial features are fitted within an unusual form with sweeping elegant lines.

First Form pupils were recently able to meet Beatrice and interview the artist about her work, asking questions about process and materials. The pupils were able to witness two versions of the same head, sculpted in 2002 and 2015, and work out their difference by close observation. This comparison of techniques will help them with the design of a miniature clay figure in the new year.

We spoke to First Form pupils to ask for their response to Beatrice Hoffman and her work….

'I think her work is excellent and truly satisfying. Meeting Beatrice has really gave me a boost to my artistic imagination, and has given me a love of sculpture'
Benjamin Clarke (First Form, Vanbrugh)

 ‘It was made from building up rings of clay placed on each other to form a profile, then it was sculpted into a finer profile. It helped me to meet Beatrice because now I know the best medium that I could use to make my own sculpture and I could ask her any question I needed to ask'
- Zachary Newcombe (First Form, Harcourt)

'The best thing about meeting Beatrice was that she could answer every question and she gave a lot of information to your questions and was eager to answer them.'
- Emily Mumford (First Form, Feilden)

'I think that the sculpture is very good and will inspire a massive amount of people'
- James Chapman (First Form, Swift)

'I really liked the art because it was abstract and realistic together.'
- Jenny Allen (First Form, Harcourt)

'My opinion of the work is that it looks realistic, the best thing about meeting Beatrice was that she was German and grew up in Munich just like me'.
- Theresa Goette (First Form, Gascoigne)

The pupils’ curiosity was evident when they met Beatrice, also they were very polite throughout the session. If they have a keen interest in sculpture it is of note that Beatrice also offers family-friendly sculpture workshops at her home and studio, in schools holidays and on Sunday mornings, particularly for youngsters above 8 (but parents can join too). She also runs workshops on Thursday mornings, and monthly Saturdays sessions for adults. Small friendly groups between four to eight students and all levels of skills are welcome; further details can be found on her website.








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