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Panto A Success (Oh Yes It Was!)

The first ever Junior School pantomime performance of Aladdin was incredibly well received and was a deserved sell out. This was the first time for many of the children to be performing in The Shed and what a good job they all did! (oh yes they did!) The delivery of lines including several amusing pantomime puns and one liners were word perfect and the acting was of a very high standard.

It was wonderful to see every child from Year 3 -  Year 6 perform on stage, often mixing different year groups which contributed to the feel-good nature of the show. The quality of solo singing performances received tumultuous applause. Every child acted and performed brilliantly and many parents commented it was the best production they had seen from the Junior School.

The Shed came into its own with the use of amazing lighting effects (designed by Hayden Camidge (Third Form, Vanbrugh) and stunning backdrops using vibrant slides of the different scenes with dry ice and effective music adding to the theatre of the evening. The audience joined in with the communal song in traditional style including colourful cue cards prompting their responses. Either booing the evil villain Abanazer (Maddie Flaherty, Year 6, Lockwood) or cheering the cheeky hero Aladdin (Jamie Wehrle, Year 6, Symonds) and Princess Jasmine (Madeleine Abbs-Woodd, Year 6, Lockwood) or laughing along with Widow Twankey (Elliot Beale, Year 6, Lockwood) or the Genie (Max Hichens, Year 6, Gwyn).

Mrs Mace’s costumes were a breath-taking box of delights. The Magic Carpet (Daniel Ferrier, Year 5, Gwyn) received spontaneous applause when it appeared on stage and as he danced hilariously to the Rapping Gems in the Cave of Wonders, a really colourful spectacle.

Although everyone was sad when the show ended (Boo!) what remained was a great sense of pride that something very magical had happened. If you listened very closely you might just hear the occasional song being hummed or sung around the Junior School. This performance of Aladdin will be remembered for many years to come!







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