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Intrepid World Challenge Team in Forest of Dean

Mrs Z L Giraldo (World Challenge Expedition Leader) submitted this report after recovering from an intense training weekend in Gloucestershire...

'We embarked on a two day World Challenge training expedition to the Forest of Dean on Saturday. This weekend was planned to train for our real World Challenge expedition to Ecuador in July 2016. We have been planning the trip for a few weeks, but there was one thing that we could not prepare ourselves for, and it was the weather! We could not have chosen a worse weekend in terms of weather but we are happy to say that despite heavy rain, strong winds and challenging conditions, we survived!

It was a very interesting weekend because we learned or revisited different survival skills, like setting up camp, cooking using trangias, team building exercises, walking for long hours carrying heavy rucksacks, and also bonding as a team. Our instructor was a very charismatic man who helped us through the difficult weather conditions and cheered as up with his Liverpudlian humour!  Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend.'








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