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Cokethorpe Triumph at Kids Lit Quiz

On Thursday 26 November, Cokethorpe was proud to host the Kids Lit Quiz, an international competition which tours the globe and tests children’s knowledge of fictional literature. The School was represented by two teams of pupils, one of whom, Chisengo Lukama (Second Form, Queen Anne), has written this interesting report…

‘On Thursday, two teams from Cokethorpe Senior School entered the Kids Lit Quiz. In one team was Elen Moore (captain), Sam Carter, Poppy Wehrle and Lauren Thomas. In the other was Libby Flaherty (captain), Chisengo Lukama, Sam Elek and Oliver Lang. On the day, the stakes were high and nerves settled in. We had practised every Friday and given up our Tuesday lunchtimes. We tentatively gathered in the Library at 1:45pm to calm down. Books were skimmed; knowledge assessed. Both teams were desperately trying to remember every book they read, luckily Mrs Floyd stepped in and reminded us that this was all for fun and to take a deep breath. With that message in mind, we set off to the Sports Hall where Mrs Riman was waiting for us, and the competition began.

The questions were very unique and even some of the adults in the audience looked confused. Both teams did reasonably well, but the team led by Elen Moore won the competition. This was a great honour, as Cokethorpe was the host of the quiz! I enjoyed myself immensely and I hope that in the near future, the winning team will bring back another cup. We couldn’t have done it without Mrs Riman and Mrs Boon, as they both supported us along the way.

I definitely suggest to any First Former interested in the competition that they read fifty books this year, as the quizmaster suggested, but I would also like to point out that all of us on the teams read one book per day! I would do this again in a heartbeat and I hope that Cokethorpe will go through to the final in New Zealand.’










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