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Bushtucker Trial

The Junior School gathered in The Corinthian Room on Friday for their weekly assembly. This week Mrs Brash and her Year 1 Class were presenting the assembly and their theme was ‘facing your fears’.

The Year 1 children began the assembly by standing up in front of the Junior School and telling them what their fears were, some included water, rollercoasters and spiders! The rest of the Junior School children were then given the opportunity to face some of their fears. Four volunteers were selected from the audience, and made their way to the front of the room to some ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ themed music! Their task if they were to accept it, was to put their hand into a box to recover a golden star that would allow for them to win some sweets. However, in these boxes they were told were fish eyes, worms, beetle guts and maggots.

All participants succeeded and won their prize. After this fun game, the Year 1 class stood up and gave examples of how you can help to overcome your fear. These were to face your fear head on like some of the children had done in the ‘I’m a celebrity’ game, and also to tell people about your fears.

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