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A Full House for First Form Mime

First Form presented their devised mime performances to a full house in the Shed on Monday 23 November. The year group did themselves proud by working together in four ensembles to deliver some very imaginative and entertaining stories without the use of any dialogue.

1A began proceedings with ‘A Royal Ransom’ in which the Queen and her beloved, but badly behaved corgis visit the ballet and hold a grand banquet, only to discover that a dog and one of her sons has been kidnapped and held for ransom. All was well in the end when she paid-up for the release of her dog, but not her son. 1D gave us ‘Grandma’s Big Day Out at the Big Top’ in which a group of OAPs visit the circus only to find themselves involved in much of the entertainment. There were clowns, acrobats, lion tamers and magicians to name but a few of the acts, but perhaps the star turn was Grandma who had to knit the magician’s assistant back together after he had accidently been sawn in half.

‘Campsite Chaos’ was the offering from 1C where several groups of children and families enjoyed a camping holiday with a difference. Disaster struck when a storm arrived, which resulted in tents being blown away, a flood and even a fire. The final performance was given by 1B in ‘Come Fly with Us’ where the audience enjoyed a fly-on-the-wall peek on-board a busy flight, with demanding passengers and hard-working cabin crew. Little did they know that the crew were not what they seemed, as towards the end of the flight they pulled off their masks to reveal their true identities as rampaging zombies.








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