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Absorbency in Year 5

In the Junior School, Year 5 children have been learning about absorption in their Science lessons. As part of their lesson the children took part in an experiment to discover which material was the most absorbent and below is a description written by one of the children about what they did to find this out.

‘In our Science lesson today we were investigating which material mopped up the most water. We had to measure 500ml of water and pour it in to a tray. We then cut the material to 10cm by 10cm and placed it in the water with a weight, this made sure that the material was fully submerged. After two minutes had gone by on the stopwatch, we took the material out and let the water drip into a tray for ten seconds, then put it in the rubbish tray. We measured the water that remained and recorded it in our results table. We found that the sponge wipes absorbed the most and that Sainsbury’s basic all-purpose cloths absorbed the least. It was a very enjoyable and interesting investigation.’

Freddie Murfitt (Year 5, Symonds)


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