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Poetry By Heart Competition

The finals of the annual Cokethorpe ‘Poetry by Heart’ Competition are now complete. Every pupil from First to Fifth Form, and all English A Level students have learned and recited a poem of their choosing, from the impressive collection of over 200 poems in the Poetry By Heart Anthology. We have been privileged to witness many truly impressive performances, two of which are shown in the video below.  Cokethorpe has been involved with this national competition since it was launched in 2013. It has gone from strength to strength since then and last year over 3,500 students competed in ‘Poetry By Heart’ competitions across Britain.


The winners of the Cokethorpe Competition are:


First Form                   Tom Riman (Feilden) and Millie Knight (Gascoigne)

Second Form              Lauren Thomas (Queen Anne)

Third Form                  Sasha Palfreyman (Swift)

Fourth Form                Rebecca le Maitre (Vanbrugh)

Fifth Form                   Anna de Buriatte Moglia (Harcourt)

Sixth Form                  Izzy Kléne (Feilden)


Anna de Buriatte Moglia achieved the highest score with an exceptional recitation of ‘Immigration’ by Imtiaz Dharker and will now represent Cokethorpe in the County final at the end of January. We wish her every success.








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