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Un Beau Voyage au Cinéma

Zachary Newcombe (First Form, Harcourt) has written this report of a recent French trip to an Oxford cinema:

‘On Wednesday 4 November, First Form enjoyed a trip to Oxford prepared by the MFL Department, to see Une Vie de Chat, ‘A Cat in Paris’. This was a French film about a young girl called Zoe, whose mother is a police detective, and who had lost her father to a criminal named Costa. In the film we can see the cat and his burglar friend robbing multiple houses and museums, sneaking over buildings and stealing the valuables inside. Zoe’s mother investigates this criminal activity and arrests the suspected ‘cat burglar’. Later in the film, the cat burglar saves Zoe from Costa and his crew when she overhears them planning a heist together.

The trip was made even nicer by the responsibility of having our own money to buy small drinks and snacks. The transport was relaxing, welcoming and warm and the bus was punctual, getting us to the cinema on time for our packed lunch! Overall, this trip to the cinema was amazing; everyone enjoyed the day out and was pleased to see a movie purely in French.’

Pupils followed up the trip on Monday with related classwork; a gallery of this activity can be seen below…








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