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A Musical Hose Pipe

Junior School children were joined by Mrs Armitage in their Friday morning assembly last week. She brought in lots of different variations of flutes. Some of the Year 5 children wrote about the assembly and many of the facts that they learnt.

'In our Assembly today we were treated to a flute workshop where Mrs Armitage brought in original flutes and homemade flutes made out of hose pipes and bottles. The first ever flutes produced were made of bamboo and bone. She asked us a trick question ‘which one of these are flutes?’ nobody got the answer correct. The whole lesson was amazing!'

Aoife Kirkham (Year 5, Lockwood)

'Mrs Armitage treated us to a special performance with flutes. The homemade flutes intrigued me to have a go at home, especially the hose pipe. It was fascinating looking at the flutes that came from different countries such as China, India and Peru. It was interesting looking at current flutes and flutes from the past. Current flutes are made out of lots of different materials including silver and wood and flutes from the past were mainly made out of wood. Mrs Armitage played the pipe which was used in the war to call groups.

I loved listening to all the different sounds, it was amazing!'

Alice Smith, (Year 5, Baker)

'On Friday 6 November we were treated to a special flute performance from Mrs Armitage. I was fascinated by the recycled material that could be used like a flute, such as the hose pipe which blew my socks off it was so good! I learnt that the oldest flute is made from ivory. Most flutes used today are made out of metal.'

Freddie Murfitt (Year 5, Symonds)

'This morning, Cokethorpe Junior School were treated to Mrs Armitage showing us an array of flutes. I especially liked the recycled flutes made of old bottles and a garden hose. She showed an old ivory flute, three baroque flutes made out of wood and a modern flute.'

Malachy Brown (Year 5, Lockwood)

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