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A Long Weekend in Venice

Art students recently spent a long weekend in Venice; Eilish Malliagh (Upper Sixth, Feilden) was among those who went along and has written this report:

On 16 October, Art, Textile and Photography students set off to discover the City of Venice, flying from Gatwick Airport. After a much-needed sleep, we spent our first day exploring the Doge’s Palace, a beautiful building dating back to the 13th century. The real highlight of the day was looking round the Biennale; it was the art gallery’s 56th anniversary, so a spectacle of diverse 21st century art from all around the world was on show. On Sunday our tour of Venetian galleries continued with the Peggy Guggenheim collection, which exhibited 20th century art. Contrasting the two galleries, which are separated by a decade was extremely interesting, as both similarities and contrasts can be found between the various artists, allowing us to draw parallels and similarities in the work of Henri Matisse to Sara Lucas. Apart from visits to memorable galleries and exquisite historical architecture, we spent a long time sketching in various parts of Venice. Overall the whole trip was a success with everyone producing pieces of art they are proud of! 

An exhibition of the work from Venice will be shown at Cokethorpe School on the afternoon and evening of Monday 23 November; parents are welcome to attend.










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