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Disco Fever in the (Lower) House

To celebrate the end of the first Michaelmas half term, Lower House held their annual disco in the Shed on Friday 16 October, which was a resounding success. After enjoying the spectacle of the Crawford Relay earlier that afternoon, everyone was fired up to have fun on the dance floor, including a number of our Sixth Form students who were instrumental in organising the proceedings.

Our Head of House, Laurence Lodge, suggested a 70s theme and a number of our pupils entered into the spirit of things. Joe Ponsford (First Form, Gascoigne) won the prize for the best dressed boy and Charlotte White (First Form, Harcourt) won it for the girls. Having created a spectacular playlist, we were not short of good tunes to dance to and there were further prizes were handed out, to Rebecca Hutchinson (First Form, Swift) and Max Watson (First Form, Gascoigne). 

All good discos offer air guitarists the chance to show off their moves, and Joe Ferrier (First Form, Vanbrugh) was a worthy winner of this competition, showing great style and panache. Most in Lower House knew the moves to Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’; it was a close call, but it was felt that Holly Craig (First Form, Gascoigne) and Luca Wills (First Form, Gascoigne), were the best of the best. Finally, Luca Wills (First Form, Gascoigne) won the game of Musical Statues along with fellow tutee, Ruby Colleton (First Form, Gascoigne), when it proved impossible to distract them.

A special mention must go to First Form tutor Mr Holder, who entered into the spirit of the evening – his representation of Elvis through the medium of song, dance and sartorial style was a sight to behold.

So this was another wonderful evening of games, music and dance that everyone appreciated and it was a fantastic way to commence the half term break. Grateful thanks go to all the Lower House tutors and to the Sixth Form students below for their help:


Elizabeth Allen (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh

Edoardo Benali (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne)

Alexandra Boardman (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh)

Anya Duffy (Lower Sixth, Queen Anne)

Archie Fellows (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh)

Keely Harding (Lower Sixth, Feilden)

Chantelle Hunt (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh)

LuisaMae Lisi (Lower Sixth, Harcourt)

Elle Simons (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne)

Shannon Skeffington (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh)

Lydia Tracey (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne)

Hetty Watts-Lay (Lower Sixth, Swift)

Andrew Wang (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne)

Thomas Christensen (Upper Sixth, Swift)

Laurence Lodge (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh)

Sam Moffatt (Upper Sixth, Harcourt)









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