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Vanbrugh Victory in Crawford Relay

On the last Friday before the half term holiday, Cokethorpe pupils gathered in groups around the grounds to witness the annual Crawford Relay. This race, which starts from below the clock tower, and circles the Mansion in a circuitous loop, is traditionally won by the staff team. However, for the past two years, this has not been the case, with Harcourt claiming victory; this year, the winning team was Vanbrugh House with nine points.

Vanbrugh were clear winners, with Feilden and Swift coming in joint second, followed closely by Harcourt in fourth and then Queen Anne and Gascoigne with joint fifth. Each House had one team, with runners from across different year groups; each runner ran one leg before passing the baton on to a teammate. The staff team were unfortunate to get an injury mid-race, but they powered through, and for sheer grit and determination (in addition to some oddly-strained expressions before, during and after the race), they certainly deserved a prize.

The relay batons were exchanged in the archway below the Clock Tower, and there was impressive coordination between runners, with few mistakes here. Pupils from all Houses gathered along the sidelines, cheering on their friends and waving House flags for support. The race was favoured by the weather, which, despite a chill in the air, stayed dry, and allowed the runners to get up to impressive speed on the straights. The trophy was awarded just minutes after the final runners crossed the line, and the sight of so many pupils gathered to watch the ceremony in the Lower Quad was impressive to behold.


1st Vanbrugh (9 Points)

=2nd Feilden (12 Points)

=2nd Swift (12 Points)

4th Harcourt (13 Points)

=5th Gascoigne (16 Points)

=5th Queen Anne (16 Points)









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