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Slackbottom Mystery Unravels in the Shed

On Saturday 10 October, the Shed played host to the annual CPA Murder Mystery night; Mrs Knox has written this creative review of the memorable event:

The title of the production this year was “The Catwalk Killer” and boy oh boy did it prove to be an evening of high heeled mishaps, starting bizarrely with the mysterious disappearance of Ron’s unfeasibly large marrow.

Set in Slackbottom Village Hall, the Chair Lady of the W.I. (Mrs Mace) announced the charity fashion show to aid the recovery of Ron’s missing marrow, featuring the world famous fashion designer Francois DuDrop (Mr Walwyn) who most certainly had inflated opinions of himself.  His creations were to be modelled by the beautiful if not a little coy, Trixabelle Finch (Mrs Giraldo) and the enigmatic Paulo Vincenzo (Mr Goulding) who were in a somewhat tumultuous relationship, both models from the agency belonging to the once famous and now pneumatically figured model, Donna Christine (Mrs Hooper).

The skills of Danny ‘Snapper’ Martin (Mr Lawson), a well known photographer in the fashion industry, were called upon even though he had a well nurtured drink problem and together with some other unmentionable issue – who knows what he was photographing, and had he even taken his lens cap off? 

The kilted Frenchman, Monsieur DuDrop would not be seen anywhere without the rising talent of his hairstylist, Julian Norton-Smythe (Mr Bostwick) who had a penchant for fur (or was it fake fur?) and supporting the WWF, which we later discovered stood for the World Wildlife Fund and not the World Wrestling Federation!

Any charity event featuring such illustrious characters would not be complete without the totally blah local reporter, in this case Camara Fortesque (Mrs Ringham) for the Slackbottom Observer.  Her motives for covering this event were certainly questionable.

As the evening progressed, stories unfolded and tensions rose culminating in an off stage banshee wail and the death of ……Monsieur DuDrop.

The audience were given a delicious and very welcome curry, with thanks to Miss Sheldon and the Catering Team and then time to deliberate the who, why and how of such a tragedy.  The village idiot policeman, (Mr Walwyn, come back to life as Francois DuDrop’s twin brother!) guided the detecting audience through a series of questions to identify the Catwalk Killer, Camara Fortesque (as she was abandoned as a baby and left in an orphanage by her father Monsieur DuDrop).  A fashionable death by scissors!

The murder was solved by a number of tables aptly named after fashion designers but the mystery of the missing marrow still stands.

The Murder Mystery was performed by the brilliant Cokethorpe Players, Mrs Hooper, Mr Walwyn, Mr Lawson, Mrs Ringham and debut performances by Mrs Giraldo, Mr Bostwick and Mr Goulding aided by the back stage technical support of Mr Byng. Extensive thanks also to Mrs Mace for masterminding the evening, and all the costumes, the Box Office for managing the bookings and the Maintenance team for all their support both before and after the event.

Congratulations to the Cokethorpe Players for giving us yet another terrific, must see evening.  Thank you.

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