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A Fictional Trip to Cheltenham

Year 6 visited the Cheltenham Literature Festival this week to listen to Angie Sage explain how she writes her bestselling children’s novels.

The world famous Cheltenham Literature Festival was the location for this year’s visit to a well renowned author. Having listened to Ali Sparkes in school last year it was a great experience for Year 6 to listen to Angie Sage explain the process of how she writes.

The children heard how she is an early riser, who likes to write 1000 words per day before lunchtime. The next day she will re-draft and improve her previous day’s work. It can take her up to a year to write 400 pages.

Angie’s inspiration in choosing the Fantasy genre is her lifelong love of castles. These form the central theme of most of her books. In addition to castles, she explained how she creates her spine-chilling monsters such as the Garmin, which roam mythical lands searching for human prey.

I am sure that all of the children were inspired by the visit and will be looking forward to the chance of putting into practice what they have learnt! 

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