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Igneous Rocks? No, Chocolate Rocks!

Year 3 have been learning about Earth Rocks and how they are formed in their Science lessons this term.

Yesterday they had a fun and tasty lesson making igneous rocks out of chocolate!

Every child was given a pot with a mixture of milk and white chocolate chips, mixing stick and baking paper. The children were very excited as they eagerly awaited for the teachers to come and fill their pot with boiling water so that they could start stirring and melting their chocolate.

Once melted, they then spread their chocolate out on to the baking paper to leave to cool. 

The children learned that just like chocolate, when molten material from inside the Earth cools, then a solid rock is formed.

The benefit of using chocolate is that unlike normal rocks you can eat your chocolate igneous rocks once cool, and that is exactly what the children did!








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