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A Right Royal Surprise for the Junior School

In their assembly this morning, the Junior School were learning about the world of work, with a special visit from a guest that nobody was expecting. The morning started off with Mrs Brash asking the children which professions they aspired to enter on leaving school. Some interesting answers were given by children in several year groups, from racehorse trainer to professional gamer. The children were then asked about the importance of choosing the right job for them, with most agreeing that it was important to find a career which they enjoyed.

Our special guest was introduced as somebody who had not chosen their profession, but rather, had it thrust upon them at an early age. There were a few gasps and more than a few giggles as our special guest entered; it was the Queen! She looked a little younger than usual today, and perhaps a little taller, but HRH was happy to answer questions from two children in Gwyn House.

The Junior School then found out all about which countries HRH reigned over, who her own children were, and what it was like to take over the highest job in the land after a personal tragedy. The fire at Windsor, the extent of the commonwealth and the length of her reign were all discussed in an exciting question and answer session led by the children themselves. Throughout the interview, and in a subsequent speech from Mr Sumpter, the children were encouraged to think about what types of career they might be suited for, and how they would feel if they were in a profession they didn’t enjoy.

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