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VW Tops the News for BTEC Business

As part of Cokethorpe’s exciting BTEC Business Studies course, students are encouraged to keep on top of developing news stories in the business sector. Each Monday, one student from the class stands up in front of their peers and presents their own research into a current news item. This week, the Volkswagen emissions scandal was front page news across the world, and it was chosen as the topic for discussion.

Archie Fellows (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh) gave the class an overview of the VW scandal; describing how the chief executive, Martin Winterkorn, was forced out. The style of this student-led presentation is considered to be valuable for enhancing students’ self-confidence and giving them valuable experience in explaining business concepts. The details of the presentation are given legal and ethical context by the teacher, Mrs Gregory-Newman. She emphasised the importance of emissions results in the car leasing market; a developing story which had not yet been covered by BBC News or many other media outlets.

To end the session, students were invited to ask questions; many were intrigued by the remuneration of the outgoing executive. As the topic for discussion was set before the weekend, some students had looked further into the issue, resulting in a spirited and informed discussion in the class. The BTEC Business Studies course at Cokethorpe is successfully motivating students by relating their studies to current news stories and local businesses. 

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