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Fireman Dean Is On The Scene

On Tuesday 22 September Fireman Dean, a firefighter from London came into talk to the Reception Class.

Fireman Dean told the children that it is very hard to become a fireman or woman and that out of 3000 people who try to join the fire service only one person will be accepted.

He brought along with him the special clothing that he and his colleagues have to wear when tackling fires that included a jacket, boots, trousers, helmet and gloves and they have to put that on within 20 seconds. Reception Class children took it in turns to try on Fireman Deans equipment and found it very heavy.

Fireman Dean reminded the Reception Class children that if they discover a fire that should call 999 and that they must never go back inside a building unless the fireman or woman say that it is safe to do so. He set the children the task of when they got home that evening to check to see if they have a smoke alarm.








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