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Reception Class Meet Goose The Dog

On Wednesday morning, the Reception Class had a very special visitor. Miss Jackson from the Senior School brought her eight year old Alaskan Malamute dog, Goose, to School for the children to meet.

Miss Jackson explained that Goose visits people in hospitals to make them feel better and happier. Although he was a very big, he was incredibly gentle and enjoys being stroked, especially on his tummy and ears.

Miss Jackson instructed the children the best way to approach any dogs they may meet. She told them that they should firstly ask the owner if it acceptable to stroke their dog and then always let the dog smell their hand before stroking it.

The children were surprised by how thick Goose’s fur was and were told this was because he comes from Alaska which is a very cold country and he needs the thick fur to keep warm.

In Alaska there is a lot of snow. Dogs like Goose are used to pull sledges and he can even pull a car out of the snow when stuck using a special harness.

The Reception Class children were very excited by Goose’s visit and loved stroking him and cuddling up to him.








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