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The Great River Race 2015

On Saturday 12 September the Cokethorpe Kayaking team completed The Great River Race and were awarded first place in their class.

The team of six comprised of Christopher Singleton (Fifth Form, Queen Anne), Arthur Alden (Fifth Form, Harcourt), captain James Bennett (Upper Sixth, Swift), Oliver Parker (OC 2015), Joe McBride (Fourth Form, Gascoigne) and Ed Binnie (Fourth Form, Harcourt). They paddled 21.6 miles in a KataKanu on the River Thames starting in the Docklands at Canary Wharf and finishing in Richmond.

‘Six keen canoeists from Cokethorpe Kayak club were raring to get started in the KataKanu. With over 330 boats taking part from around the globe, the Thames was crowded with boats. As we paddled through London we careered past Tower Bridge with enormous waves smashing over the top of the boat. Taking it in turns to paddle, steer or put food into each other’s mouths we had quickly reached Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We then continued to paddle the 21.6 miles up to the finish at Richmond where we won our class. Overall a great achievement for all involved and we can’t wait to do it again next year.’

James Bennett (Upper Sixth, Swift)








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