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Junior School Prize Giving

The Junior School Prize Giving is a fantastic way to celebrate the achievements of the children throughout the year and this years was no different. Parents and children filled the marquee on the front Mansion Lawn to mark the end of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Prize winners were awarded with a selection of books that were presented to them by the Headmaster, Mr Ettinger.

Following the prize ceremony, the audience were treated to a magical mix of tales from the sea which was the theme for this year’s Junior School production.

The entertainment began with Shakespeare’s tale of shipwreck and retribution, enchantment and reconciliation, Prospero’s magical isle and The Tempest.

6HL were dressed as Sprites led by Ariel, Joe Ferrier (Year 6, Lockwood) entranced the audience as they introduced the story with Shakespearean prose and mystical movement. The stately magician Prospero, Tom Riman (Year 6, Lockwood) was ably assisted in his task by Jenny Allen (Year 6 Symonds), Ella Shaw (Year 6, Baker) and Zoë Smith (Year 6, Baker). 

We then left one crew to join another. Year 5 performed Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of money and mutiny, buccaneers and buried gold, Treasure Island. 5NM performed with energy and enthusiasm, setting the scene with the song fifteen men on a dead man’s chest. The air was ripe with pirate language, nautical fun and the acting from Madeleine Abbs-Woodd (Year 5, Lockwood) as Jim was most convincing.

Years 3 and 4 then performed the ancient, biblical allegory of Jonah, saved from the waves by a giant fish. 4MM began the story sunbathing on Nineveh beach. The Year 4 girls, dressed resplendently in Flamenco costume, performed their Spanish dance to an unsuspecting Jonah played by Max Quartley (Year 4, Baker).  Just as things were about to turn somewhat nasty, God, Joseph Curry (Year 4, Symonds) intervened to tell Jonah he had 40 days to improve the bad people of Ninevah.

Having run away to sea with 3JD, we were treated to a wonderful Hornpipe during the song, Heave-ho! This time, Jonah, Monty Bolton (Year 3, Lockwood) tried to persuade the Captain of the ship, Edward Harris (Year 3, Lockwood) to allow him to stay on board. Sadly this was to no avail, so Jonah had to jump ship.

The audience were once again transported back to Prospero’s Island to find ship-wrecked nobles, lost and wandering, at the mercy of Ariel’s enchantments. 6MO impressed with their acting skills, especially Ruari Kirkham (Year 6, Gwyn) as Gonzalo, Casper Bolton (Year 6, Gwyn) as Antonio, Thomas Orton (Year 6, Gwyn) as Alonso and Zachary Newcombe (Year 6, Symonds) as Sebastian. In addition, Trinculo played by Jack Roberts (Year 6 Gwyn) and butler Stephano by Emily Mumford (Year 6, Gwyn) provided convincing comedic moments and Matilda Hurford-Jones (Year 6, Baker) portrayed a most excellent Caliban, the hideous monster.

Next it was the turn of the Pre-Prep to tell their own salty story of a Trip to the Seaside. Year 2 charmed the audience as a class embarking on a Seaside trip and Amelia Atkinson (Year 2, Symonds) was a most convincing teacher with Rebecca Williams (Year 2, Gwyn) as her able assistant Miss Perfect.  Nancy Beer (Year 2, Baker) was fantastic as Granny Brown, eliciting lots of laughs for her performance alongside William Sawyer (Year 2, Lockwood) as her slightly deaf husband.

Year 1 provided some wonderful and evocative Seaside Memories of days gone by. After a fabulous rendition and lots of flag waving to I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside, we enjoyed a magical trip to The Aquarium from our Reception Class. Here the children performed jokes, poetry and song and dance dressed as beautiful fish.

The Junior Chamber Choir performed two songs; Ride Out the Storm, with a solo from Jonathan Peach (Year 6, Symonds) and secondly Whale. During the singing, the audience were treated to the most extraordinary sight of a giant whale guided by four Year 6 children, sailing serenely around the Marquee.

Ms S E De Feu

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